What if your ankle could be flexible, strong and pain-free again?

“Now I’m walking on uneven surfaces without any problems – something my doctor and PT told me would probably never happen for me.”


I’m not sure what kind of ankle injury you have, but most injured women and men who end up here have broken ankles.

A few weeks in a cast leaves you with a stiff, swollen and weak ankle. Not to mention that your calf muscles are now gone. Sounds about right?

None of us planned to slip on that rock, stumble on the stairs, roll the ankle on the sidewalk, fall from a horse, ________________ (fill in the blank), and as you know everything changed for you in that moment.

You ended up spending your days in bed or on a couch, waiting for the time to pass and wondering when this will be over. 

You might be experiencing fear of an unknown future. You might be wondering if you will be ever able to walk again normally. Thinking about the next run? What about putting on your fav high heels?

Right now your ROM (range of motion) is nowhere near where you want it to be.

And not just that, it affects the way you move. You have problems with walking, pain, stiffness, you name it. Or maybe you’re still in the cast, not knowing if your ankle is ever gonna be the same again.

Does this sound like your story?




“I’ve been a member of IBFA only 2 weeks and I’m already seeing the difference in the flexibility of my left ankle.”


Maya’s exercises have helped strengthen my injured ankle. Most of the exercises are different from those given to me by my physical therapist, so I’m giving my ankle additional challenges and a better chance of healing more quickly. The videos are especially helpful and motivating.


I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself…

On the 31st of October 2012, my world changed completely – I broke and dislocated my right talus bone while rock climbing.

My girlfriends drove me to the closest medical center. And while I was waiting for the X-rays, I still hoped that it was just a bad sprain and that everything would be ok in two weeks’ time.

A few minutes later the news that crushed me came in… I broke my ankle and doctors in the hospital (which was a 3-hour drive away) wanted to see me immediately.

Jerry, my fiance at the time, drove me to Dunedin. When we arrived I was tiredscared, and I was in so much pain that I begged the doctor to put me to sleep for the process of adjusting my ankle to 90 degrees and getting a temp cast on. In the next 4 days, when I was waiting in the hospital for the doctors’ decision what to do next, I heard the following:

  • “Your ankle will never be the same again.”
  • “You will have 60, maybe at the most 70% of the flexibility your uninjured ankle has.”
  • “You will have problems with walking on uneven surfaces for the rest of your life.”
  • “You might be limping for the rest of your life.”
  • “Be prepared for arthritis – it’s really common with this kind of injuries.”
  • “There is a possibility of your talus bone dying off so you might need extra operations that could be successful or not.”


Have you heard something similar? I know how you feel.

… a couple of months later…

I was so frustrated because regaining the flexibility of my ankle was so extremely slow.

When they removed the cast and I got the green light for physiotherapy, I really thought my ankle would be back to normal in a few weeks, but there I was – a few months into the recovery – still limping due to inflexibility, experiencing discomfort while walking, and climbing stairs was almost impossible. It took me 30 to 40 minutes to walk 500 yards…

I was really worried that the doctors were right!

The good thing was that I simply didn’t want to accept that my ankle would be like this for the rest of my life.

And thank goodness I did NOT give up!

Despite all of what the doctors had told me:

 I completely recovered,

 none of the predictions above came true – I proved all of my doctors, physiotherapists, nurses… wrong,

I walk, run and move without any pain (even when wearing high heels),

I have completed 2 long-distance triathlons (the first one 2 years and 4 months after the accident),

✔ AND – I helped hundreds of women and men, like YOU, regain the flexibility and strength of their ankles!

Do you want to know HOW?

“These exercises are soooo helpful. And much more challenging than what I did in my 3 months of PT! I have a trimalleolar fracture so I need all the help I can get. I’ve only been doing them for 3 weeks and I already notice a significant difference. Thank you, Maya!!!”


“The extra exercises made a huge difference in the flexibility of my ankle.”


One easy payment of $247 or 3x $90






I created this online program specifically for people like you recovering from ankle injuries.

Not using your leg for a period of time makes your ankle stiff, weak and sore. Doing exercises that are specific for the ankle is essential to get over these challenges.

“I can totally recommend Maya’s exercises. They have helped me tremendously and continue to help me in my recovery. I see incredible progress week by week.”





Every week you will get a new set of exercises to work on. They are divided into BEGINNER and ADVANCED exercises, so it doesn’t matter where you are in your recovery – because there’s always something challenging waiting for you.


The online program is released over 9 modules – every week you get access to a new module with the exercises and exciting bonuses.

The first week you get access to 8 exercises. There are six exercises waiting for you in weeks 2 to 8. And in the last week, you will get access to 9 exercises.


It is important to know how to perform the exercises to get the best results. That is why each exercise is demonstrated on video and explained in detail.

“The flexibility of my ankle increased so much and I love motivational encouragement! The videos give me constant reinforcement and understanding way beyond what my PT and surgeon gave me.”

Sara K.

“I went from pain and awkward moving to walking without any limp or stiffness in just a few weeks.”

Yes, you can join this amazing program and get lifetime access for just $247  (or 3x $90).

And because I am totally committed to helping you recover from this ankle injury in the best possible way, I will also add some healing bonuses.


Bonus 1

WEEKLY PLAN (value $297)

Every week you will get a new plan for the exercises in the course. There are actually two Weekly Plans every week – one for beginners and the other for advanced members.  You will know exactly which exercises to do on a daily basis and how to rotate them for the best results.

Bonus 2


Every day for 9 weeks there will be a small task waiting for you – answering positive questions. By answering these, you will boost your happy hormones (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin…), the production of stress hormones (especially cortisol) will drop, and the result will be a better ankle recovery!

Bonus 3


Recovery itself is complicated and frustrating enough, so the weekly cheat sheet will make this journey easier and more fun for you.

One easy payment of $247 or 3x $90

“Even if you are going to physical therapy, Maya’s program is so supportive and encouraging, and it gives me an idea of what I can expect in the coming weeks and months. I can see in the advanced exercises that I will be able to walk without crutches, safely, and I’m eager to keep progressing.”

Isadora A.

“This course is a perfect complement to your PT or chiropractor and indispensable in cases where doctors or PTs wash their hands without guiding your progress. I would recommend it to anyone with an ankle injury, wherever they live. Thank you for putting this together! It’s made a big difference in my recovery!”

Olga S.




This is the first program of its kind and it’s made specifically for women and men recovering from ankle injuries.


This is for you if you want…

  • to walk again without any pain
  • to start running again after the injury and maybe even finish a marathon or two
  • to avoid the most common lower leg problems
  • to do all the things you were doing before but right now can’t because the strength and flexibility of your injured ankle hinders you
  • to be active again – and that includes quality time with your family as well
  • to walk uphill or climb stairs without any problems
  • to wear high heels again and learn how to avoid muscle/tendon strength imbalance
  • to walk on uneven surfaces without any problems

This is not for you if…

  • you think these physiotherapist-approved exercises can’t help you
  • you’re not willing to invest time into yourself and doing the exercises on a regular basis
  • you think that my personal and professional experience can’t help you in this journey
  • your injured ankle feels like it did before the injury


Everything at your fingertips

As soon as you join, you start with the training. Each exercise (59 total) is demonstrated on video and explained in detail. You don’t have to leave home to learn about the best exercises and work on the strength and flexibility of your injured ankle(s). This course is easily navigated online and it’s released over 9 modules.

From beginners to advanced

The training works for you if you had a recent injury and are just at the beginning of your recovery journey, as well as if the injury happened a while ago – months or even years – and you need more advanced techniques to regain strength and flexibility.

Lifetime membership

You have a lifetime membership to all the exercises your ankles need and you can start with a new one right NOW. The exercises, handouts, bonuses and initial videos stay with you forever – so even when you stop going to physiotherapy. And you can be sure that your injured ankle’s gonna get stronger and more flexible with each passing week.

“This injury can make one feel so vulnerable. I wanted to reach out to the right tools available to me to help me in this recovery process. And clearly, your program is the best available online!

To all healing friends, this program is a great ready reckoner – intensive and very comprehensive! I highly recommended it, and the good thing is that you can pace it out depending on your recovery “



This is such an exciting moment! As soon as you join, you start with the training.

You will learn the best ways to gently stretch an injured ankle, improve your range of motion, recover your muscle tone and get back to your everyday activities, from walking without aids to doing sports again.

Imagine how your life will change when your injured ankle won’t cause you problems anymore.



For only $247 you get:

 Lifetime Membership and access to any and all updates made in the future
Online course iron-Built Flexible Ankles with 59 different ankle strengthening and stretching exercises
Appropriate for beginners and advanced individuals
Detailed video explanation of each physiotherapist-approved exercise
Online course consists of 9 modules
Weekly exercise handouts
BONUS #1: Weekly Plan (value: $297)
BONUS #2: Positive Recovery Journaling (value: $97)
BONUS #3: Weekly Cheatsheets (value: $197)

Maya really knows what she is talking about!
Her honesty, expert knowledge & encouragement are leading me to my FULL recovery! I’m so THANKFUL for her & the recovery team! 

And even though my injury and surgery was 2+ years ago – this course is a huge help and I feel positive results in a stronger, more balanced ankle. So glad I found her.”

S. Wade


There are two easy payment options for the Iron-Built Flexible Ankles program:


$90 USD

Per month


$247 USD

One-time payment



“My range of motion came back pretty quickly! This really is a comprehensive, physical therapist-approved course with a ton of exercises to bring your ankles back in form and help you keep it that way.”


“I’m so enjoying this program! Should my friends befall an ankle injury I would definitely recommend Maya’s program. The exercises are clear, straightforward, achievable & you definitely get measurable results by way of strength and more flexibility to the ankle.”



Do I need to be full weight-bearing before I join IBFA?

No, not at all. In fact, you can join and start doing the exercises as soon as you get the green light to start moving your ankle from your doctor. The sooner you start with the exercises the better it is for your recovery.

And the program is created in a way that guides you from complete beginner exercises to advanced ones. So it doesn’t matter where in your recovery journey you are – you’ll always have something to work on with these physiotherapist-approved exercises.

I already work with a physical therapist. Will I actually benefit from the program?

You need all the help you can get on this recovery journey, so it’s great that you have someone who’s guiding you in person and can track your progress. You might be surprised that 80%+ of the Iron-built Flexible Ankles members work with PTs and they still find the course most beneficial (this goes for a lot of their PTs as well).

To understand this better we asked those members why they joined, even though most of them are/were happy with their PTs and a lot of them were still going there regularly when they decided to join the course. This is what they shared with us:

  • they decided to join the course because the number of PT sessions were limited
  • they got a fair amount of exercises at their PTs, but nowhere near 59 (that’s how many there are in IBFA)
  • they wanted to get all the support available to them to make sure they recover in the best possible way
  • they trusted Maya’s personal experience with the physiotherapist-approved exercises in IBFA
  • they wanted to have something they can come back to over and over again EVEN after they stop working with their PTs

Fun fact: most of the reviews that you can read above are from members who work with PTs and yet experience better results by following this program as well.

Aren't the exercises I get at physical therapy enough?

They could be – it really depends on how many exercises you get and how skilled your PT is. I worked with an amazing physiotherapist, however, I did not get all the exercises I needed from her!

In fact, approximately 50% of the exercises in the IBFA course are either my own ‘inventions’ or were found online and tweaked so that they made a bigger impact on my ankle flexibility and strength. I always checked with Sherryl and the other PTs I worked with to make sure they were helping me and that they were safe, and not hindering my recovery progress.

My doctor said I don't need physical therapy. Is that true and what should I do?

No. Over the years, I’ve heard many stories and this is a big misconception all around the world (not just in your country, wherever you may be from). Doctors who don’t advise their patients to work on specific ankle exercises after an injury usually don’t know about the benefits and how this really helps with the recovery.
Two most common things I’ve heard from people reaching out with this problem are: “Just walk on it. It will get better,” and “You can find a few exercises online and you don’t need a PT.”

Here’s the thing – just walking on it won’t cut it. It’s impossible. In fact, if you don’t take care of flexibility, strength, balance and correct technique, you’re very likely setting yourself up for more problems in the future. This might not be your ankle but your knees, hips or back because of the compensation. Do you think that top athletes – sprinters, for example – are so great only because all they do is just sprinting and nothing else day in and day out?

And I actually agree with the second statement – to some extent. If you came across IBFA, which is a very comprehensive program, you’re good, and yes, you found the needed exercises online. 🙂 However, if you searched and found 10 or 20 of the most common exercises on different websites, with no real explanation on how to use them properly or progress through them, this probably is not going to be enough.

I'm months after my accident. Will I actually benefit if I join now?

Absolutely! We have members that joined the program a couple of years after their injuries and they see big difference doing these exercises. This is my personal experience as well. I was almost 5 years after the accident when I created this program and because we were recording all these videos for you, I was very diligent with the exercises and I still experienced some progress, even though I thought my flexibility and strength were great as they were.

Do you want to hear another fun story?

My husband, whose ankles were “fine”, started training for a marathon. He had some aches in his feet, ankles and lower legs. And finally, after weeks (that were more like months) of these challenges, he finally decided to start doing the IBFA exercises. Do you know what happened? His pain disappeared and his running technique improved. Yes, even those who were not injured recently (or injured at all) will benefit heaps from this course.

My advice: If this applies to you, I suggest you contact us as soon as you join and we’ll unlock the whole program for you, so you’ll have immediate access to all the exercises.

I'm interested in the structure of the program. Can you share more?

Of course. Here’s how it looks inside:

Week 1: we start with 8 basic exercises.

Week 2: the following week you will add swimming pool exercises. Water takes the load off your ankle so it’s easier for you to improve. However, if you don’t have access to a swimming pool, don’t worry – there are other exercises you can focus on instead.

Week 3: you will test your flexibility and focus on exercises for regaining your range of motion, as well as strength in the tiny muscles of your foot that make all the difference.

Week 4: you lose balance whether you want it or not while recovering from an injured ankle. This week we will slowly start adding balancing exercises to the mix. 

Week 5: the result of weak arch muscles is a flat foot. A strong arch means better walking, as well as avoiding problems in the ankles, knees, hips, back, and even neck.

Week 6: want to be able to run again? In week 6, you will start adding exercises for stronger calf muscles – 3 different variations of them. But that’s not all that is waiting there for you.

Week 7: stiff Achilles tendon? Don’t worry – you started working on better dorsiflexion in week 1, however, the two intense exercises I share with you here made a big difference in my ankle and the ankles of other members. You will also start increasing inversion and eversion of your foot.

Week 8: most exercises in this week focus on the strength of your ankle – whether you want to walk confidently or start preparing yourself for a run, these exercises will bring you there. 

Week 9: a set of the last 9 exercises – everything from running exercises, to improving your balance even more, firing up intrinsic muscles of the foot, all the way to perfect plantar flexion.

All exercises are divided to beginners and advanced. So you can always decide how much you want to challenge your ankle that day.

What if I'm not able to master all of these exercises in 9 weeks?

No worries! You have lifetime access and you can take as much time as needed.

In fact, you probably won’t master them in 9 weeks and that’s ok. It’s completely normal! I was actually slowly including all these exercises into my routine over a period of 2 years, and members master them within weeks, months or – for some very advanced ones – within a year or so. How long it will take you depends on a) your injury and b) how much time and energy you put into your recovery.

But one thing is for sure – you can and will master them sooner or later.

What is your accreditation?

  • Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine (2002 – 2008)
  • Certified Fitness Instructor level I (2009)
  • Certified Nutritionist / Certified Health Educator (2016)
  • Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner (2019-2020)
  • numerous coaching programs for improving my coaching and mentoring skills (2014 – ongoing)

One easy payment of $247 or 3x $90

**DISCLAIMER**: The information provided in this program is meant to complement regular post-injury treatment and is not intended as a replacement for proper medical or specialist care or advice. You should always consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before making any major changes to your lifestyle, diet, or exercise routine.

*The prices on the website are in US dollars. All sales are final.

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Awesome - it's on its way to your inbox!

Almost there! I just need to know where to send your access details.

Awesome - it's on its way to your inbox!