Guided Healing Meditations

There’s a HUGE healing potential inside you – you just have to release it.

The calmer and more supported you feel, the faster you will recover.

When you are relaxed, stress hormones drop and you make a healing space for your body so it can do what it does best – repair itself fast and with ease.

Healing meditation can be the best non-medical way to heal.

It helps you relax and changes your focus away from your suffering to happiness and well-being, so your body can heal itself quicker.


With these guided healing meditations, you will greatly improve your injury recovery.


You have an enormous healing potential inside you – we all do – but in the modern world, we rarely talk about it.

When you injured yourself, did anyone recommend healing meditation to you?

When I fractured and dislocated my right ankle back in 2012, no one mentioned it. No one told me that injured people who meditate recover faster. No one told me that those who use relaxation techniques before and after surgery can have a better outcome. No one told me that wounds heal faster with this kind of approach. No one told me I can do a lot about my recovery on my own. No one told me – because maybe they didn’t know about it.

Luckily, I had some knowledge about the mind-body connection.

I started searching for different injury recovery meditations, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. At the end, I started creating my own. From the available literature, I learned what they have to include and over the years I created my own injury healing meditation library.

A few years ago, when I started mentoring, I shared the meditations with my clients as well. Those that used them on a regular basis experienced some great changes: they became calmer, they were able to control pain, fear did not control them anymore, they were more positive, and their overall healing process was better.


This is for you if:

  • you are injured.
  • you want to release your healing potential and improve your recovery.
  • you are dealing with fear, anxiety, and other recovery emotions.
  • you are under stress because of your injury.
  • you want to have a more positive attitude.

You get Guided Healing Meditations as well as Audio Trainings


Emotional Release Meditation

The meditation to release any negative emotions you have about your injury and the situation you’re in right now.

Mindful Deep Breathing Meditation

The relaxing meditation that focuses on the most natural calming process – breathing.

Feel The Healing Body Meditation

The meditation that will help you enter a very deep state of relaxation and boost your healing.

Healing Mindfulness Meditation

The present is where things change and with this meditation, you will work on quieting your mind and letting your body do what knows best – heal.  

I Surrender Gracefully Affirmation Meditation

The meditation that will help you accept the situation you’re in right now and move you towards an amazingly recovered life.

Diluting Pain Meditation

With this meditation, you will weaken the sensation and take away the fuel for the sparks it is sending off.


Emotional Roller-Coaster: How To Ride It Gracefully

You will learn how to release negative thoughts and emotions and find peace with your recovery feelings. You’ll go from feeling blue to feeling confident about the situation you’re in.

Faster Recovery In Stressless Mode

In this audio training, you will learn how stress affects your recovering body, turn on your relaxation response, and put different relaxation techniques into practice.

Making Peace With Your Injury

Here you will learn how to mindfully accept this journey for best recovery. You will find the solution for your recovery blocks and transform them into positive steps forward.

Pain Be Gone

Pain can persist not just weeks after an injury, but even months, and with some people even years after the accident. After listening to this audio you will understand how the pain system works and what you can do to avoid unnecessary pain. You will learn how to avoid chronic pain after injury and know how to trick your brain to experience less pain.

Healing meditations are the best non-medical way to heal and
injured people who meditate regularly recover faster.

For only $97 you get:

 Online course with 6 Injury Healing Meditations

 You also get 4 Injury Recovery Audio Trainings (value: $187)

 12 Mindful Recovery phone wallpapers (value: $97)

 Mindful Injury Recovery Meditation Journal (value: $47)

 Lifetime Membership and access to any and all updates made in the future (value: priceless)


Injury recovery is emotionally and spiritually one of the toughest things you can do in your life.

It’s not always easy, and feelings like frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, hopelessness – to name just a few – are a part of your everyday life.

Being in this state doesn’t help you. And turning on the relaxation response can change everything. The relaxation response is a state of deep rest – it puts the brakes on stress and brings your body and mind back into a state of balance.

With these guided healing meditations you will turn on the relaxation response and improve your recovery.

What  will  happen:

 Your heart rate will slow down and the blood pressure will drop
 Your breathing will become slower and deeper
 Your muscles will relax
 The blood flow will increase which means the injured part of your body will get more oxygen and nutrients
 You’ll connect with your body and you’ll feel calmer and at ease
 You’ll get back to the present moment so you won’t feel overwhelmed with the recovery
 Your body will do its job more easily – in the state of calmness you heal and recover better
 You will be less afraid and you will find it easier to accept the situation you’re in right now

They are powerful and will help you recover better and faster.


Becoming a member is easy and right after you join, you will turn on the relaxation response with the Guided Healing Meditations:


$97 USD

will completely transform your healing

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Almost there! I just need to know where to send your access details.

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