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How To Cope With Pain And Prevent Osteoarthritis

Eileen Kopsaftis

Eileen Kopsaftis is a Pain and Chronic Conditions Specialist. She’s been practicing physical therapy for 25 years and specializes in manual techniques that correct biomechanical imbalances in the body. She teaches people how to resolve pain through effective self-care, and how to make informed decisions when it comes to healthcare and nutrition. See full bio.

You’ll discover:

How to distinguish between good pain and bad pain during recovery.
What the new research on osteoarthritis shows and why you can potentially completely avoid it.
How cells in your body influence your perception of pain mentally and physically.
Why a mainstream approach to resolving chronic pain doesn’t work.

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FULL BIO: Eileen Kopsaftis

Eileen Kopsaftis, BS, PT, CAFS, MI, CHE, NE has been practicing physical therapy since 1994. Her specialties are performing manual techniques to correct biomechanical dysfunction and asymmetry, and teaching people informed healthcare decision making as well as how to resolve pain using effective self-care methods. She uses a four-prong approach to resolve the root causes of pain and dysfunction. How she accomplishes this is through her extensive education of nearly 1,800 hours of manual and movement techniques and nutrition education combined.

Eileen is certified in Applied Functional Science and Diet & Lifestyle Intervention, an experienced MELT Method instructor, and a graduate of the Nutrition Educator Program at Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies. She speaks internationally, teaches community education classes, and serves as a faculty member and Director of Manual and Movement Education at The WFI for Health Studies.

Eileen also serves as president of the CAMEO Ministries Advisory Board. She is a founder of CAMEO Ministries which began in 1999 as the support group called Choose Freedom which serves women who have experienced sexual abuse, or abuse of any kind. Eileen has co-led this weekly support group since its inception. Eileen is passionate about empowering others to have lifelong wellbeing. She believes life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. She created the Move Without Pain Private Club to empower as many people as possible, as affordably as possible, to become pain-free. Her book, “Yes, You Can Move Without Pain”, is scheduled for publication Summer of 2020.

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